Tuesday, July 29, 2014
CoolLED LED Microscope Illumination
The CoolLED LED illumination system provides intense, stable illumination as pre-determined wavelengths. The system is an ideal replacement for conventional metal halide, mercury (HBO) and xenon (XBO) illumination systems. The CoolLED system LED lifetimes far exceed conventional sources. The CoolLED illuminations provides ample brightness and has an integrated filter system to provide control of wavelength.   
Featuring up to 4 independent wavelengths, the CoolLED PE-2 system support USB,Ethernet and TTL interface modes. Ultra fast switching between wavelengths are possible with output stability that is essential for reliable data. 

CoolLED wavelenghts
Research Fluorescence

CoolLED pE-4000

Universal excitation system

The CoolLED pE-4000 sets the standard as the universal light source for fluorescence microscopy. Users can operate the system as a simple white light source (replacing a conventional mercury-based light source), or as an advanced, fully-controllable, excitation and stimulation source. The flexibility and extensive functionality of the pE-4000 broadens the range of illumination options in core facilities.

Screening Fluorescence

CoolLED pE-200/300 

Routine Fluorescence Solution

CoolLED’s pE-200 & 300 series LED illumination systems are designed to be a direct-fit replacement to the high pressure mercury lamp previously used on fluorescence microscopes. The pE-200 can be specified with two LED wavelength combinations. The pE-300 is available with three standard LED wavelengths. With a large range of microscope adapters, the pE-200 & 300 can be fitted to most current and older microscopes. 
The result is a safe, convenient light source which should last for many years without any additional operating costs.

Routine Fluorescence

CoolLED pE-100 and pE-100/fiber

Single wavelength illuminators

This source offers intense, stable excitation at a single wavelength.  The user can select from CoolLED's extensive range of LED wavelengths.  It is designed to fit on all current microscopes.  A simple one time adjustment will allow optimization of the optical path of your microscope.

The pE-100 is supplied as a complete working package with power supply and control pod.   Manual operation offers instant on/off and 0-100% intensity control.  The control pod accepts a BNC-type external TTL trigger.

The pE-100/fiber is equipped with a standard SMA fitting and is suitable for use with fibers from 50-200 micron.

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